Zabbix Architecture

Zabbix is an opensource software to monitor a variaty of environments. When I started to learn Zabbix, I usually installed Zabbix in only one server, however, when I implemented for production I got notice that the performance decreased after added some hosts and it had get many data of hosts.

Because of that, I did a research about how are the architecture of Zabbix and how I could improve my environment. On documentation we can see that is possible to install separately the roles, but I the documentation is not easy to follow.

First of all, Zabbix has three roles:

  • Frontend (Apache+PHP)
  • Backend (Zabbix server)
  • Database (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle)
  • Proxy (Zabbix proxy+SQLite,PostgreSQL,MySQL)

Zabbix Frontend is the responsible to show users the console of itens monitored. Beside this, is across it you can connect to API and handle Zabbix’s objects by programming.


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