Windows 2016 Core – First steps – Part 1

When we are installing Windows 2016 (Desktop Experience) in a lab or production environmente, there are some first steps that we want or need to do.

On the next posts I’ll write about some of these first steps:
– Update Windows 2016 Core
– Sysprep
– Change IP address
– Change hostname
– Install roles/features

To start this series I’ll start with how to update a Windows 2016 core system.

First we need to run the command below to see how is the configuration:
Cscript scregedit.wsf /AU /v

After we verified how the configuration is, we need to know what is the options to configure. To do this we use the command:
Cscript scregedit.wsf /AU

As we can see, the available options are:

1 – set manual updates
3 – enable downloadonly
4 – enable automatic downloads

Now, we can use the commands below to updates be installed automatic:
net stop "windows update"
Cscript scregedit.wsf /AU 4
net start "windows update"

We can force the detection like in Windows GUI with the command:
wuauclt /detectnow

After we need to follow how is the installation of updates, so we will use the command:
wmic qfe list

I hope this post has been helpful for you.
See you on the next post.


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